ATM solutions

ATM solutions

Highly complex software systems for En-route (ACC), Approach (APP) and Tower (TWR) control. 2D and 3D simulators for Air Traffic Controller training.


ALS ATC System

ALS features a unique concept of parametrization which makes this solution easily adaptable to your specific operational needs. Our team of ATC experts is ready to tailor the system according to your local situation and habits and with aim to maximize comfort for your ATCOs.


ATC Simulator

CS SOFT simulators follow the concept of Hi-Fi (high fidelity). They accurately copy ATCO’s workplace (user interface, environment, communication with pseudopilots). Actual traffic and aircrafts flow are simulated with a great precision too, with the feasibility of dynamic correction of traffic density, meteorological data, pseudopilots intervening, etc. The system offers record and replay tools.


ATC Simulator and 3D TWR

Accurate copy of ATCO's workplace, authentic work situations, modern preparations of lessons and sophisticated exercise settings. 3D TWR visualization up to 360 degrees. 3D visualization solution is provided in cooperation with NITA Company through integration with visualization software module.



The system provides all of the functionality expected from a modern FDP system in one package. It also provides human machine interface (HMI) applications needed for communication with the users, such as flight data operator, watch supervisor and last but not least ACC (area control center), APP (approach control unit), TWR (aerodrome control tower), RGA (regional airports) and FIC (flight information center) controllers.



TCM has been developed for LOCAL FLOW MANAGER as the main tool helping ATCO load forecasting and get the system ready for more efficient provision of Air Traffic Services. TCM can be fed with either NM or local FDPS data and based on Flight Plan data and capacity figures processing computes ATCO load forecast in individual logical sectors respecting current sectorization and identifies traffic demands limits.


SW development on request

We offer high-quality development of complex software solutions supported by extensive testing, the necessary service support, as well as consulting services.

Customized software solutions are created by our developers in close cooperation with subject matter experts and end-users so that the customer's needs are fully satisfied. All this is done not only with an emphasis on the high flexibility but also on the absolute reliability of our solutions.

CS SOFT specializes in the field of ATM where our experienced software experts focus on the development, design, implementation and maintenance of systems for air traffic control services. However, our team of developers and testers, as well as project managers, has a high level of expertise and rich experience with an overlap into other areas as well, which allows us to offer software development services on request outside the field of ATM.

We have more than 40 top experienced programmers at our disposal – on average with more than 15 years of experience in the field. This team is, of course, complemented by a corresponding team of quality testers because we realize that quality is the number one priority for our customers.

We offer a wide range of programming languages, such as C, C ++, Java, Python, Bash, SQL, PHP or Pearl, Pascal, and more.

CS SOFT has been certified by CQS and IQNet according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for Commercial software supply and development, production, maintenance, repairs, installation and modification of Aeronautical Ground Facilities.

So, if you are looking for a flexible and reliable partner who is able to deliver a quality solution according to your needs, we are here at your disposal.

ATM components

ATM components

Stand-alone modules such as Tracker, CWS, Safety Nets etc. Modules were designed in accordance with the needs of Air Traffic Controllers and the industry.   


ALS Tracker

Multitracker system handles all kinds of surveillance data sources (even modern ones such as multilateration and ADS-B/C). Deploys advanced tracking procedures and creates consolidated, real-time air situation picture. Due to its efficiency, interoperability, and minimal HW requirements, it can be applied in systems requiring maximum performance and quick response.


ALS CWS / Ground CWS

ALS CWS / Ground CWS provides controllers with a clearly structured display of the air traffic/ground situation integrating the surveillance data and the flight data. The position data are received from the tracker and displayed in the main and the secondary radar window, together with other aircraft information on a background of colour maps of Area of Interest (AoI). The flight plans are received from Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) and displayed as fully customizable electronic strips. ALS CWS automatically matches the flight plans to the tracks.


Safety Nets

CS SOFT ground based Safety Nets provides air traffic controllers with a prior warning about a possible disruption in air traffic safety. Sophisticated algorithms of evaluation protect Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) against false warnings and do not increase their workload. The system, due to its standardised interface, can be seamlessly integrated in any Air Traffic Control (ATC) system.


ATC System Validation Tools

Validation of Air Traffic Control (ATC) system functionalities on validation platforms often requires an artificial target generated with complete control over its behaviour; or even an artificial target injected to the real surveillance data. For such purposes, CS SOFT developed two validation tools intended for air and ground surveillance. These tools can be used either by ANS provider, or by system developers.



PAGODA is a tool for monitoring the quality of Datalink communication services and to simplify data analysis. The system evaluates datalink operation, deals with troubleshooting and anomalies and enables the user to predict various trends.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Multi-purpose tools such as Radar View and Radar Data Distributor for General Aviation, Airport Ops and Ground Handling. Adaptable to other environments. 



Each part of ground handling staff needs up-to-date information about their aircraft position and current status. ”Movement” based data are not precise enough to stand the 21st century challenges. Therefore, CS SOFT has developed a special product called RadarView which provides its users with the most accurate data.


RadarData Distributor

RadarData Distributor enables you to share sensitive surveillance data of your Air Traffic Control (ATC) system with your partners or clients. RadarData Distributor allows you to carry out this service by providing a comprehensive distribution process (data sorting and filtration) and multistage data security.



Freely available application aiming at general public. Public Radar keeps track of your current position and manages a real-time display of your position whether you are in the air, on the ground or on the water.



UTM Solution is built on ATM processes and principles providing smooth system and operation adapted on both technical and personal side. This approach is bringing fast and clear understanding of UTM to pure ATM word and allows clear view on ATM - UTM system cooperation.