ALS CWS / Ground CWS

ALS system Controller Working Position display module.

ALS CWS / Ground CWS provides controllers with a clearly structured display of the air traffic/ground situation integrating the surveillance data and the flight data. The position data are received from the tracker and displayed in the main and the secondary radar window, together with other aircraft information on a background of colour maps of Area of Interest (AoI). The flight plans are received from Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) and displayed as fully customizable electronic strips. ALS CWS automatically matches the flight plans to the tracks.

A simple, well-arranged and easyto-integrate module, which displays all necessary air traffic information for ATCOs.
Wide configurability allows easy HMI adjustments according to the client’s needs.
User configuration of HMI features, e.g. colors, display layout, electronic strip classification.
Creating and displaying of so-called private maps directly from the workstation.
Accessible Mapper – a SW tool for map creating and maintenance.
Built on the latest technologies of picture processing (OpenGL) – smooth, no need for special HW, standard PC is sufficient.
Basic tools for archive data evaluation.
Tactical Tool – the utility cooperating with FDP system and providing the list of possible critical flight conflicts based on evaluation of flight plans (points they will fly over).
CWS independent of the FDP system – entering FPL directly.
Intercommunication among several CWS (without the server).
In case of critical system outage, hard-copy of e-strips is available.


Electronic strips display (paper as an alternative).
ASTERIX input format.
Display of multi-radar surveillance data of the aircraft position (tracks and plots).
Provides hand-off and automatic coordination within the system or with cooperating ATC workstations
Choice of displayed maps, scales, and other parameters.
Display of the surveillance situation in the main or secondary radar window, with the feature of selected area detailed view.
Display of the analogue primary radar data and meteorological data.
Analogue information of the primary radar is displayed after scan convector processing.
User-friendly interface (HMI) complying with ICAO standards.
Data congestion resistant.
Communication with FDP (Flight Data Processing) – flight plan data display and editing.
Communication with AIS (Aeronautical Information System) – meteorological information, designated area activation, etc.
Automatic or manual coupling of surveillance information with flight plan data.
Display of Safety Nets subsystem warnings.
Replay feature for archived system data together with basic evaluation tools.
Display of the radio-goniometer output directly in the view display (VDF).
Running on Linux OS.




Israel – Eilat, 2015

Slovenia – Ljublana, 2009

Lithuania – Kaunas, 2007