About Us

CS SOFT is a traditional, state-of-the-art provider of Air Traffic Management and General Aviation solutions. Over the past 30 years, the company has evolved from a small Czech-based business pioneering in ATM software into a dynamic European company with advanced software development methodology, extensive experience, rich product portfolio and successful civil and military installations on four continents. Our strong emphasis on flexibility and customer orientation enables us to deploy customized and reliable solutions, which are fully compliant with the industry recommendations and regulations, at a cost that may actually pleasantly surprise potential business partners.

Company CS SOFT is a member of the industrial group CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and its division CSG Aerospace. There are also other renowned civil and military ATM and Radar providers such as ELDIS Pardubice, RETIA, or ATRAK. Jointly, we are able to cover a wide portfolio range including flight data processing systems, surveillance data processing systems, controller working positions, ATC simulators, radars and sensors, recording systems, mobile towers, and much more.

Main Areas of Activity

We, at CS SOFT, are fully aware of the tremendous responsibility that we have being a provider of ATM and GA solutions. With this in mind, we have designed our solutions together with the subject-matter experts to ensure safe and seamless flow of air traffic and smooth and cost-effective airport operations.

Our team specializes in designing, implementing and maintaining systems for air traffic control centers (ACC), approach (APP), tower (TWR) and flight information services (FIS) and 2D and 3D Simulators. The complete ATM systems and stand-alone modules assist in processing of flight plan data and surveillance data, which are essential for accurate display of air traffic situation, flight trajectory computations, evaluation of potential conflicting trajectories etc. Simulators follow the concept of Hi-Fi (high fidelity). In fact, they accurately copy controller’s workplace (interface, environment, communication with pseudopilots etc.) to provide the highest quality training possible.

CS SOFT has also developed interconnected tools enabling secure (multi-stage) and comprehensive distribution (sorting, filters, etc.) of sensitive surveillance data between various airport entities such as emergency service units, handling agencies, airport operations etc. The tools offer a possibility to display the data, access an archive, replay the stored data just to mention some. The functionalities could come in handy, especially when dealing with the authorities.


CS SOFT - Company Policy

CS SOFT – progressive and flexible partner with high expertise and operationally proven products

CS SOFT remains committed to providing its customers with the highest quality SW products and services that also meet all legislative and industry requirements for functionality, security and reliability. To meet this commitment, it is crucial to continuously monitor, evaluate and improve our internal processes. Our policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it is always relevant, in line with corporate strategy and leads to our quality improvement objectives.




Company integrity and respect for employees

CS SOFT keeps its word

We are constantly striving to build a company culture based on transparency with all stakeholders. We strictly observe all laws, regulations and rules in the company and keep our word in all areas of our activities. We carry out periodic training and will continue to strictly adhere to the principles resulting from internal company directives, the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP's anti-corruption programme, the Code of Conduct and personal data protection. Management always treats all employees with the utmost respect and without discrimination. It is essential strengthening a culture based on mutual trust, because with a higher level of autonomy, productivity, creative thinking and overall employee satisfaction increase, which are key prerequisites for the sustainability of our business.


Expertise and technology

CS SOFT does not stand still

To remain a relevant player in the market in the years to come, we must constantly monitor current trends in aviation and software development, and continuously increase our competencies through training our employees or by recruiting specialists who can help spread know-how across the company. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the company's management to look for partners who are not afraid to experiment with more modern technologies that bring added value to both suppliers and users of air traffic management systems.

Quality Assurance, Operational and Cyber Security

CS SOFT is constantly striving to improve the safety and reliability of the products and services delivered

For continuous improvement, we want to introduce several processes that will again increase the safety and reliability of our systems. Another equally important objective is to achieve the required security assurance level (SWAL3) for selected systems. Last but not least, we need to pay increased attention to the new upcoming regulatory framework for the assessment of ATM/ANS equipment for the safe and seamless operation of the European ATM network.



EU subsidy

Entrepreneurship and innovation for competitiveness

Since 2016, the company has been drawing a subsidy for project number CZ.01.2.11 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_016 / 0005558 entitled "CS SOFT's participation in foreign trade fairs."

The aim of the project is to promote the company at foreign trade fairs, where CS SOFT will exhibit and inform not only the professional public about its product portfolio.

Company milestones


Establishment of the CS SOFT core team


The first upgrade of FDPS


Development of a new FDSP


Awarding of the CAA certificate for development and design of ATM systems


CS SOFT started to cooperate with local ANS CR


The company established - the foundation of Ltd.


Realization of ESUP


Implementation EUROCAT 2000 - ESUP, continuous development process


CS SOFT expansion - takeover of the company RADAS


Change of the Company´s form from Ltd. to JSC


New development centers in Brno and Pilsen


Initiation of cooperation with two Czech technical universities


Foundation of the development center in Pardubice


Initation of cooperation with Systems Atlanta Inc.


Signed contract with Israel Aerospace Industry Elta Group on ATM project


Initiated cooperation with NITA, LLC.


CS SOFT has been acquired by CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP


CS SOFT has become a part of the CSG Aerospace division


Start of ESUP-NG development


Contracts with ORO Navigacija and Slovenia Control for ATM System upgrade and FDPS licenses for MUAC/skeyes


Introduction of DFS Aviation Services/CS SOFT ATM system demonstrator


Deployment of ESUP-NS (serves as a backup system for ANS CR)


Deployment of a new ALS ATM system

About CSG group

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IQNet and CQS

IQNet and CQS

CS SOFT has been certificated by CQS and IQNet according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for Commercial software supply and development, production, maintenance, repairs, installation, and modification of Aeronautical Ground Facilities.

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IQNet and CQS

IQNet and CQS

CS SOFT has been certificated by CQS and IQNet according to EN ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard for Commercial software supply and development, production, maintenance, repairs, installation, and modification of Aeronautical Ground Facilities.

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Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence

CS SOFT is certificated in compliance with the CAF Act No. 219/1999 Coll., §35n as amended by Act, No. 147/2010 Coll. to development, production, installation, maintenance, repairs and modification of military aeronautical ground facilities.

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All CS SOFT products meet the high demands for functionality, safety and reliability set by legal and professional regulations, including but not limited to Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373. An integral part of high-quality development is the consistent implementation of development processes at least at ED-153 SWAL4/SWAL3 level within the management system certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO/IEC 27001:2013