Air Traffic Management World Wide Expertise

More than 30 years in the business. Over 40 years of experience in the field of Air Traffic Management backed up by a number of successful references and satisfied end-users on four continents.

Flexible approach, cutting-edge technology and a competitive price tag. CS SOFT provides its customers with scalable air traffic control systems that enable them to safely and efficiently manage over 4,500 flight movements every day.

CS SOFT assists the customers on their mission to provide safe, sustainable and cost-effective air navigation services with the tools and solutions that were designed to handle the most complex airspace and traffic flows.

Together with Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, CS SOFT has actively contributed to SESAR Program helping shape the future of the European Sky.


GAVLI ETVIS NEPOV PR740 BAROX ELPON BAVIN NAVEK ODPAL VENOX SUPIL BULEK BAGRU PR517 SOMIS DOPOV LKKV LKPD LKCV LKKB LKLN LKVO RVC PSK 117.600 ALK 504350=350 52 THY5PC370=370 50 PGT478390=390 49 ALK 405370=370 41 THY6PC370=370 200 (BER211M)340=36 (BER653) 300v 39 (TRA6584)380=39 A7777268=38 MNB223360=360 39 JAI121425=425 55 SIA321350=350 54 (AZI876)380=39

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