CS SOFT presents a revolutionary AI project: Copper price prediction at ML Prague 2024

At the recent international Machine Learning Prague 2024 conference, CS SOFT presented an innovative project focused on copper price prediction. This project promises to revolutionize copper procurement planning for companies involved in the bulk trading

Thanks to the new solution, companies can better plan their purchases, minimize risks and increase the profitability of their projects in the long-term horizons of 1 to 6 months. Analysing price trends on the LME enables accurate predictions that give companies a competitive edge.

This project is just the beginning. CS SOFT plans to expand its operations to other metals, opening up new opportunities for efficient inventory management and raw material investment.

However, CS SOFT is not lagging behind in other areas of artificial intelligence either. More innovations in the field of large language models (LLM) will be published soon, offering opportunities for innovation not only in the company but also in the entire industry.

CS SOFT's developments in AI show that the future of business and industry lies in intelligent and predictive technologies.