UTM/ATM Integration Solution

UTM Solution is built on ATM processes and principles providing smooth system and operation adapted on both technical and personal side. This approach is bringing fast and clear understanding of UTM to pure ATM word and allows clear view on ATM - UTM system cooperation.

  • Smooth and clear system and person adaptation
  • Cuts integration costs
  • Boots integration process
  • Take service inter-operability beyond
Drone detection

The solution is designed to enable holistic management of events from detection through Air Defense Systems and CRAM
(Counter-Rockets Artillery and Mortars).

  • Ingests events from RF, radar and other detection systems
  • Orchestrates notification, mitigation and response actions
  • Fosters digital transformation through automation and risk mitigation
  • Ready for multi-sensor detection:
    • Radio Detection, Radar Detection, Acustic and Visual Detection


The solution is ready for: