Program for Automatic Generation of Datalink Trends

PAGODA is a tool for monitoring the quality of Datalink communication services and to simplify data analysis. The system evaluates datalink operation, deals with troubleshooting and anomalies and enables the user to predict various trends.


ANSPs providing ATN Datalink services according to EC Regulation EC No 29/2009 should, with respect to paragraph 6 of this regulation:
“ATS providers shall monitor the quality of service of communication services and verify their conformance with the level of performance required for the operational environment under their responsibility.”

And there are other good reasons for monitoring of Datalink Performance. The Datalink communication chain relies on Communication Service Providers (CSPs ARINC and SITA) and ANSPs must keep checking, that quality of their service conforms to the requirements stated. With increasing percentage of CPDLC connected aircrafts there is also need for ATM system independent monitoring of Datalink function in real time, to indicate potential problems sooner than ATCOs start to complain.

Real-time parsing and processing of Datalink related logs from ANSP ATM system (with ability to adapt to particular ANSP environment)
Inserting and merging of all messages/events to dedicated database with pre-processing
Processing of the database data with aim to generate required metrics
Interfacing of database contents and processing results to specialized WEB Browser to provide user friendly graphical HMI
Generating of specialized outputs to fit ANSP needs (e.g. generation of LISAT data for EUROCONTROL DPMG, generating data for legal recording and similar)
The dedicated database allows for high level queries, supporting special investigation needs


Metrics and graphs are evaluated in following categories:

Global numbers per ANS
ARINC, aircraft White listed
ARINC, aircraft Not White listed
SITA, aircraft White Listed
SITA, aircraft Not White listed
CSP not identified
Number of CPDLC connections, hours and total number of Up/Down’s
Downlink delay distribution (95/99% perc) including delays > 40 sec
Downlink delay distribution (95/99% perc) including delays > 40 sec
Technical round trip delay distribution (95/99% percentile)
PA number and PA100 rate
UA number – both aircraft and ATCO
CM Logon request/LOF success rate
CPDLC-start request success rate
CPDLC-end request success rate
Total number of active FPLs, FPLs with J1, FPLs with CPDLC established