Freely available application aiming at general public. Public Radar keeps track of your current position and manages a real-time display of your position whether you are in the air, on the ground or on the water.

One of the major operational advantages of the Public Radar system is its modularity. Every functional module can be included/excluded according to the user´s needs. Every module can be used separately or can be integrated into your already existing system. Main components of the system:

Radar View Highly customizable controller´s working position. Precise aircraft position display with all the important target information included.
PROPHET Ground based safety nets provides ATCO with a prior warning about a possible disruption in air traffic safety (STCA, MSAW, APW, CLAM, WTSA, RAMLD/RAMHD functions).
Tracker Multitracker system handles all kinds of surveillance data sources. Tracker deploys advanced tracking procedures and creates consolidated, real time airsituation picture with minimal HW requirements.
ORF/Mobile Tracer ADS-B based ground and air surveillance with optional multilateration module (under development).
ORF/Tracer Dedicated HW unit ORF Tracer is not only a positional data source. It also allow aircraft/endgine state monitoring, bi-directional data communication, data recording and much more.
FDPS Light This FDP system exhibits all the basic flight data processing functions such as FPL reception and distribution; FPL validation, route generation and validation and visual presentation. Paper or electronic strips are available.
Event Generator ATCO is automatically warned about a certain condition currently occuring in the air or on the ground. Events based on position, status changeor time.
Record and Replay Compound voice and surveillance recording and replay help to fulfill CAA requirements and serve as a great help for a potential incident investigation.
Mobile Tracer SmartPhone positional data source transmits a GPS based position form the board to the ground system (up to 1sec. intervals).
Data Distributor Ensures safe and reliable data distribution inside the system as well as to the external entities (ANSP, Airport, Airline, Handling, etc.)


Slovakia – Košice, 2019 / 2020

Slovakia – Žilina, 2012

Czech Republic – Benešov, 2012