Each part of ground handling staff needs up-to-date information about their aircraft position and current status. ”Movement” based data are not precise enough to stand the 21st century challenges. Therefore, CS SOFT has developed a special product called RadarView which provides its users with the most accurate data.

PRECISE AIRCRAFT POSITION INFORMATION RadarView synthesizes data of all available sources and displays real time aircraft position information. The user can see more simultaneous views of different areas in numerous zoom levels.
DATA EXPORT AND STATISTICS The system offers a wide range of output data formats that can be easily used for statistical analysis and economic processing.
EASY INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE The system doesn't require powerful hardware or specific operating system. It is easy to install and maintain.
WIDELY CUSTOMIZABLE USER INTERFACE The radar data display may be adjusted according to the clients preference, needs and local standards. The product also allows displaying of any other custom defined data, as well as maps and plans (incl. 3D view).
ADVANCED DATA SECURITY The distributed data are encrypted and secured with advanced user authentification (hardware key).
FRIENDLY MULTI-LICENSE POLICY Due to smart client-server performance distribution, RadarView is prepared to be used by any number of end user terminals with minimal hardware and software requirements.
FLEXIBILITY AND EASY CONNECTION TO YOUR DISPATCHINGIN IFORMATION SYSTEMS RadarView may be easily implemented in your current working environment. RadarView provides position data which can be used by other systems. Moreover, RadarView can also display data of other systems, which are currently used by client.
OPERATIONAL INFORMATION RECORD, ARCHIVE AND REPLAY The product provides source data for tracking events and future evaluation. This may be used for analysis, training, billing, or solving possible disputes.
Modular client-server architecture with secured communication (authentication – RSA, encrypted radar data flow – AES)
Client access through JAVA application or web browser
Radar data support in Asterix format (other data formats on the client´s demand)
Support of Eurocat 200/2000 map format (possibility of extension to other formats)


USA – Pittsburgh, 2014

Slovakia – Žilina, 2012