ATC Simulator

Comprehensive simulator for Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) training in regionnal (ACC), approach (APP), airport (TWR) control centres.

CS SOFT simulators follow the concept of Hi-Fi (high fidelity). They accurately copy ATCO’s workplace (user interface, environment, communication with pseudopilots). Actual traffic and aircrafts flow are simulated with a great precision too, with the feasibility of dynamic correction of traffic density, meteorological data, pseudopilots intervening, etc. The system offers record and replay tools.

Highly modifiable CWS Thanks to wide configurability, the HMI can be easily customized and adapted faithfully to a lifelike ATC environment. Electronic strips display.
User-friendly controlling of pseudopilots
The interface is designed to minimize the number of steps necessary to control the flights, and to enable the operator to control as many flights as possible. The data and orders given by the
operator are monitored for syntax correctness, so the operator receives no possible error reports.
Wide range of practice settings The number and parameters of aircraft, their flight plans, actual flight routes, take-off and landing behaviour, the weather, etc.
General information system Provides information of both static character (AIP, maps, ICAO doc., RTF bank, locations, etc.) and dynamic character (weather, NOTAMs, meteorological news, restricted airspace, etc.).
You get a comprehensive simulator
consisting of:
Air Traffic Generator
Surveillance Data Processing (SDP)
Flight Data Processing (FDP)
Controller Working Station (CWS) – Executive Controller (EC), Planning Controller (PLC)
Instructor, Coach
Exercise controller – environment simulation
Exercise preparation
Simulator administration
Variable use
Possible to use for ACC, AAP, or TWR
Additional to ALS ATC system 
Universal display – for aviation schools and training centres, where a specific FDP features of particular system are not nece­ssary - general ATCO training
Complete training The simulator can be used for all kinds of training:
  • Ab initio (from the beginning)
  • Follow-up training
  • Advanced radar
  • Retaining programs
  • Examination practice
Lifelike character The flight trajectory is designed based on the flight plan, aircraft technical parameters and selected meteorological data.
Precise work with the module of exercise preparation, real traffic data is used.
Record and replay The simulator also features recording of the exercise, the evaluation and replay. It is equipped with a controlling workplace with straightforward operation features (pause, revert to a preceding situation in the simulation, faster or slower practice).
Training variability The simulator can perform exercise with different number of generated aircrafts and different levels of difficulty; starting from the easiest, over to more complicated, up to critical situation management. It is able to repeat the practiced situation or play it in slow-motion.


Czech Republic – Prague, 2014

Czech Republic – Carlsbad, Brno, Ostrava, 2000