We are pleased to announce that SESAR Open Day took place on 12 September 2019 in CS SOFT’s meeting rooms.

SESAR is an acronym formed from the initial letters of other words and in the full title "Single European Sky ATM Research" represents the technological pillar, initiative and ambition of the EU to create the "Single European Sky".

CS SOFT participates in the part PJ18-06a. It is mainly a solution and improvement of the accuracy of 4D flight trajectory calculation. That is, a refinement of time estimation when the aircraft will be at a certain point or on FIR border (country). The aim is for all stakeholders to gain a unique and integrated view of all flight trajectories and to have an updated and complete view of the expected meteorology and airspace configuration.

On September 12, 2019 we presented the results of the calculations at a joint meeting. We were also honored to host colleagues from EUROCONTROL, INDRA, Thales and Airbus, who are working with us to develop and innovate.

There are two key phases running under SESAR program at the same time. The phase of Research and development of new technologies and procedures in ATM, where the requirements and demands for solving these tasks are defined by the "European SESAR Joint Undertaking" legislation. And the phase of Controlled implementation, which primarily belongs under the "SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM)".

The SESAR program is largely co-financed by the EU.

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