New project for CS SOFT in Indonesia

In autumn 2022, CS SOFT won the tender published by AirNav Indonesia for the replacement and installation of ATC system in Sentani area, Jayapura, Papua.

The content of the contract is the replacement and installation of hardware and software of ATC system used in air traffic management services in Sentani airspace, enhancement of the existing system with new functions, as well as the addition of ATC system workstations.

The aim of the equipment installation and the system settings/configuration is to increase ATC system performance and thus reduce the workload of air traffic management services while simultaneously increasing the safety and security of air traffic management services.

At the beginning of this project, there was a personal visit of CS SOFT representatives at Sentani, which took place already in December 2022. After Site Survey, i.e., direct observation on the location of the workplace to collect the latest actual data about the current conditions, there was a Kick-off meeting where the site survey results were discussed with the aim of establishing the steps for the work implementation in accordance with the conditions at the place of installation.

The further steps leading to the successful implementation of the entire project will follow during 2023. Good luck team!