Active students create their own applications

In cooperation with universities, we offered students the opportunity to create an application using air traffic data provided by Eurocontrol as their bachelor's thesis. Several students were thrilled by the opportunity to learn more about aviation and try working with real data. For the purposes of the study, we provided them with access to a part of these data, which they can use and create, for example:

  • Presentation of flights: lists of flights, arrivals, departures (airport boards)
  • Map data generator
  • Flight Data Tracking: flight trajectories → generated / simulated radar data
  • MTCD (Medium Term Conflict Detection): detection of approaches and conflicts
  • Arrival / Departure Manager – a sequence of landing and departing aircrafts

In the first task (arrival board for Prague Airport), some students have already made successful progress and are presenting their results. They can now choose another example or come up with their own original application. The possibilities are practically limitless.

Illustration image and sample data: