Czech companies CS SOFT, ELDIS and RETIA will jointly present their products at the 2019 World ATM Congress in Spain

From March 12 to 14, Madrid will host the 2019 World ATM Congress, which is the world's largest event focusing on air traffic control, management technology, radar technology, and airport equipment.

CS SOFT, which is based in Prague and became part of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP at the end of 2017, will present several products at the Madrid fair.
The main attraction will be the ALS air traffic control system, which is designed for air traffic management and has been deployed in Israel and Indonesia, among other locations. CS SOFT will also introduce a full-capacity Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulator, which provides detailed simulations of the actual air traffic control process, thus enabling the highest level of traffic operator training. For example, the system precisely simulates the user interface used in real-world air traffic control environments and allows trainees to communicate with virtual aircraft pilots.
CS SOFT will also demonstrate the Traffic Complexity Management (TCM) system, which is able to optimise traffic flows based on air traffic control capacity.
Another product to be presented at the fair is a software system called Radar View, which is able to synthesise data from all available sources and display the most important information about the location of air or land targets, thereby increasing the efficiency of handling and airport services.
CS SOFT will also present a simulator system designed to train airport radar operators for precise approaches—PARS, which mainly targets military users.

ELDIS Pardubice will introduce its core products, which are supplied to customers in many countries around the world. One example is the RL-2000 / MSSR-1 combined system, which offers the benefits of the primary surveillance radar RL-2000 and the monopulse secondary surveillance radar MSSR-1. The company has already been successfully selling this system and its individual parts in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, India, Canada, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, and South Korea. In India, for example, the combined RL-2000 / MSSR-1 radars cover 90 percent of the country, making it the backbone of civil aviation. Other ELDIS products include the PAR-E precision approach radar and the ERDIS radar display system.

RETIA, also of Pardubice, will introduce a hot new system represented by the multi-purpose 3D radar called the ReGUARD, which will be unveiled for the first time. The new radar has a reach of up to 18 km, can track targets at altitudes of up to 3 km, and is primarily designed to detect and simultaneously track ground and slow, low-flying targets with small reflective surfaces. ReGUARD radar is based on the electronic deflection of radar beams and on the mechanical rotation of the radar head. RETIA will offer this system in stationary and mobile versions.
In addition to this new product, RETIA will also introduce its proven and commercially successful ReDat recording system, which offers a variable solution for recording and monitoring air traffic control systems (ATC) and air traffic management systems (ATM) and dealing with the complex management of records created in this way. For example, the ReDat Recording System is able to archive recorded communications for short or long periods of time, including air traffic controllers' screens; synchronous simultaneous playback of audio, video, and radar data; and transcription and live listening.

This year will be the seventh World ATM Congress held by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and by the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA).

It is the largest international trade fair and convention of its kind, which was attended last year by 8,500 visitors and experts. During the World ATM Congress in 2017, 238 companies from 136 countries around the world displayed their products.


CS SOFT is a traditional supplier of state-of-the-art ATM systems and aviation solutions. Over the past 30 years, this small Czech company has been a pioneer in the ATM field and has become a dynamic European company with advanced software development methods, rich experience, an extensive product portfolio, and successful projects implemented on 4 continents, both in the civilian and military fields. In addition to its own ATM systems, it also develops and operates ATC simulators used to train future air traffic controllers. The key domestic customer of CS SOFT is the Czech Air Traffic Control Authority.


ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. is a Czech company founded in Pardubice in 1991.
Since its establishment, the company has specialised in the development and production of radar technology and air traffic control systems and is currently the leading Czech manufacturer of active radar systems. Its products are used by customers in more than twenty-five countries around the world, including the Czech Republic. These radar systems are used by civilian air traffic control organisations as well as by military entities. The most important and cutting-edge products offered by the company include the primary surveillance radar RL-2000, the secondary surveillance radar MSSR-1, and the precision landing radar PAR-E. All these systems use modern semiconductor technology, which fully complies with EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards and can be extended thanks to its modular structure.


RETIA a.s. was established in 1993 by a team of engineers and collaborators from the development department of the former company Tesla Pardubice. 
RETIA is a technological company that develops, manufactures, and upgrades radars, rocket systems, command and control systems, recording systems, UWB localisation devices, and communication systems. These products are supplied to the Army of the Czech Republic as well as to NATO and its allies and to other military and civilian customers in the Czech Republic and more than 40 other countries. More than two-thirds of its revenue comes from exports.