CS SOFT closes another project for ANS CR

On 20.3.2023, the ESUP-NS system Relay 6.1 was successfully deployed into live operation and taken under service management. Subsequently, on 26.4.2023, this new version of ESUP-NS was integrated into the training environment.

The essence of the whole project was the software upgrade of the ESUP-NS system, which consisted in additional changes to the system so that it could work as a backup and cooperating FDP system with the new main system TopSky from Thales.

ESUP-NS is an FDP system for the provision of air traffic services that operates in both passive and active mode in relation to TopSky, thus providing a backup system to the main TopSky system in case of its failure.

In both types of modes it also provides specific full functionality not provided by the main TopSky system. For example, ESUP-NS enables data output for statistics and flight billing, data output for TCM or provides data exchange for CDM and coordination with Prague Airport, neighbouring air traffic control services and military units.