ALS ATM system upgrade in Lithuania continues

CS SOFT successfully continues upgrading the air traffic control system in Lithuania.

After the first SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in February 2022 and after the deployment of the system into live operation in September 2022, the whole project moved to the second phase, in which other specific functions requested by the customer (Oro Navigacija) were implemented.

In December 2022, when the system met the defined requirements and criteria, the SAT Test for the second phase of the project was successfully completed. Once the necessary testing phase is finished and the system is deployed into live operation, it will provide ATCOs with a wide variety of the latest supporting tools including e.g., MTCD, MONA, or OLDI messages.

The latest implemented version of ALS ATM system enables Oro Navigacija to continue providing safe and efficient Kaunas Tower and Approach services as well as Contingency Area Control Centre services for Vilnius.