TeeTRACK is a surveillance, monitoring, and communication system which enable you to receive detailed overview of the condition and movement of your vehicles in real time. Current information on the location and condition of vehicles (fleet) will assure you efficient activities planning and utilization of sources, thus guarantees cost savings.

Main Features

TeeTRACK can be used in ground, sea and air transport. The system offers three main areas for its deployment:

  • Tracking of the vehicles (fleet) and goods
  • Monitoring of the stock and vehicle
  • Two-way data connection with the mobile units

Precise information on the location, condition or stock allows you to optimize your operations management. Information recorded in the TeeTRACK system will constitute a database for qualified strategic decision-making.

Tee Track collets, evaluates, and displays precise information on location of mobile units from a variety of sources: OF-Tracer (specialized HW unit), MobileTracer (application for smart phones), external data input, or manual input from the operator. The system provides data synthesis, tracking of a selected object, activities evaluation, and prediction of the object location (if requested). Other monitoring is provided by ORF-Tracer – e.g. monitoring of the transported goods or vehicle.

TeeTRACK allows to monitor information of the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure), movement (speed, acceleration, tilt), or electrical units (voltage, current). The product enables to transmit audio or video, or to connect any other input. You will know everything about the status of the transport at any time. Bi-directional data flow ensures constant connection with your staff. Passengers can have more enjoyable journey thanks to the internet connection.