Systems Atlanta's Information Display System (IDS) is a time and life-saving technology that enables key people to have a direct and instant access to real-time information they need in order to make critical decisions and ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Make use of IDS5

A unique and fully customizable solution for your operational needs built by experts.

Main Features

Users are allowed to manipulate a heavy stream of aviation data (weather, flight plans, NOTAMS, traffic information, surface surveillance, etc.) by redirecting specific elements of the stream to a particular person or office that needs it and at the right time when they need it.

We are aware that no two facilities are the same. For this reason, we develop our product with your functional and technical concerns in mind. Therefore, every end user is allowed to create and shape every aspect of the application to fit his/her specific environment.

Users can choose how they want the data to be displayed (e.g. animated graphics, text, images); what hardware platform they are currently using (e.g. tablet, desktop, smart phone) and even the source of the data (local or enterprise, collected from local sensors or external services).

Technical details


  • Government

Civil Aviation Authority Management tool for processes and documentation control

  • Military

Integrated command and informational platform

  • Emergency

Operation command and coordination unit

  • Airport

Operations, communication and command             

  • Airline

Operations, Air Navigation Services Provider and Aviation Information Service distribution


  • Reducing user workloads
  • Increasing situational awareness
  • Boosting operational efficiency
  • Ensuring safety on the ground and in the air
  • Expert guidance
  • Adaptability
  • Support Center Services

-          systems testing

-          engineering

-          technical expertise

-          project/program management

IDS5 and RadarView

IDS5 works well together with the newest CS SOFT´s off­ered product called RadarView. The RadarView is an extremely useful application used by e.g. ground handling staff­, ramp control, dispatch office for information precision, sophisticated prediction and data visualization. The application is capable of merging all available data sources into a precise display of real-time aircraft and vehicle movement. Users have the ability to visualize record and replay the most precise and up-to-date information about status or position of aircrafts and vehicles.