Air traffic control systems are designed modularly. Therefore, it is possible to offer most of its basic functions in separate units.

Individual systems contain precisely described interfaces. Any customization of the other parties interfaces is a matter of course activity within the scope of supply. 


  • Full CS SOFT products certification
  • Documented development 
  • Safety Assessment of individual modules and functions
  • Interoperability in the context of an international cooperation



TeeTRACK is a surveillance, monitoring, and communication system which enable you to receive detailed overview of the condition and movement of your vehicles in real time. Current information on the location and condition of vehicles (fleet) will assure you efficient activities planning and utilization of sources, thus guarantees cost savings. More


Systems Atlanta's Information Display System (IDS) is a time and life-saving technology that enables key people to have a direct and instant access to real-time information they need in order to make critical decisions and ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently. More