General Aviation

Tools for validation, overview, or analysis are the common part of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) services nowadays.

All tools are designed after a careful and long-term cooperation with air traffic controllers. These tools provides technical support to meet all needs of ATC services.


  • HW unpretentiousness 
  • Service Support
  • Running update
  • Deposable modular, easily customizable



Each part of ground handling staff needs up-to-date information about their aircraft position and status. „Movement“ based data are not precise enough to stand the 21st century challenges. Therefore, CS SOFT has developed a special product called RadarView which provides its users accurate data. More

RadarView Server

System tool for secure surveillance data distribution More

RadarData Distributor

Do you need to share sensitive surveillance data of your Air Traffic Control (ATC) system with your partners or clients? RadarData Distributor can help you to carry out this duty by providing a comprehensive distribution process (data sorting and filtration) and multistage data security. More


Systems Atlanta's Information Display System (IDS) is a time and life-saving technology that enables key people to have a direct and instant access to real-time information they need in order to make critical decisions and ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently. More

Airport Information Platform

An unique concept - Airport Information Platform - is built on a combination of three of our products: Information Display System (IDS5), RadarView (RV) and Radar Data Distributor (RDD). These products can be very easily integrated and their combination maximize the utilization of each of them. More