CS SOFT operates in the market of Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems for more than 20 years and since that time it is actively engaged in the development of new functions and modules.

In connection with the acquisition in 2006, we have widen our product portfolio with a new compact system based on different technical background.


ALS Air Traffic Management System

ALS features a unique concept of parametrisation which makes this solution easily adaptable to your specific operational needs. Our team of ATC experts is ready to tailor the system according to your local situation and habits and with aim to maximize comfort for your ATCOs. More


ALS system Controller Working Position display module More

RadarData Distributor

Do you need to share sensitive surveillance data of your Air Traffic Control (ATC) system with your partners or clients? RadarData Distributor can help you to carry out this duty by providing a comprehensive distribution process (data sorting and filtration) and multistage data security. More


Systems Atlanta’s Information Display System (IDS) is a time and life-saving technology that enables key people to have a direct and instant access to real-time information they need in order to make critical decisions and ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently. More

CSS Safety Nets

This system module provides warning on safety hazards in air traffic. More

ALS Tracker

ALS system module for surveillance data processing and distribution. More


Development environment for creating tools for analysis of surveillance data. More

ATC Simulator

Comprehensive simulator for Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) training in regionnal(ACC), approach (APP), airport (TWR) control centres. More


System module for Flight Data Processing (FDP) and Aeronautical Information System (AIS). More


Customizable ATM System for FDP More