Products and Solutions

CS SOFT provides complete deliveries of systems for Air Traffic Control and airports, eventually for industrial monitoring. All is a part of the projects implemented during company’s history. Transparent interface and possibility of detection of potential problems is much easier in software product which has a well-structured architecture and well-described development environment. Interface with other partner systems and thus stability guarantee and data throughput are essential for all deliveries.


CS SOFT operates in the market of Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems for more than 20 years and since that time it is actively engaged in the development of new functions and modules.

General Aviation

Tools for validation, overview, or analysis are the common part of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) services nowadays.


Air traffic control systems are designed modularly. Therefore, it is possible to offer most of its basic functions in separate units.

Customer Support

The Service Department of CS SOFT plays a key role as a central communication point for receiving customer’s requirements. The main task of this department is to provide support and information to the customer about progress in solving the requirements in accordance with a service agreement or contract.

Basic characteristics of the service applications:

  • Access via web browser
  • Identification of client requirements
  • Monitoring of the response time and the solution time (parameters set by service agreement/contract)
  • Hand-over of information about requirement resolution
  • E-mail notifications
  • Extensive configuration options

Customer benefits:

  • Immediate availability of the technical support
  • A comprehensive overview of the requirement life cycle
  • The possibility of continuous technical support
  • Reporting of service parameters specified in agreement/contract conditions as a source for audit
  • Coordination of requirements for increasing efficiency during repair service