About Company

CS SOFT a.s. develops and maintains certified ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems combined with full service availability to every customer. Our knowledge and core competences are based upon more than two decades of professional aviation programming and implementation combined with products that were developed in cooperation with controllers, airports, handling agencies and emergency service units.

"CS SOFT a.s. is a well structured and organized aviation software architecting, programming and testing company. The company is small enough to remain very flexible for special end user requirements, large enough to have per today a worldwide network of references and partnerships. Per today our main focus is still the deployment of Air Traffic Management Systems. Beside that core target, we managed to deliver other products such as Multi Trackers, ATCO Simulators and Airport Operation based products on the market. See our reference page. Among the big brands in ATM industry, CS SOFT a.s. is the only company in Europe remaining, sole standing and independent with such wide references. The best prove of such is the well defined partnerships that we conducted over the past 3 years. World leading companies such as Airbus Defense and Space, Israel Aerospace Industry decided to have us as their subcontractor for ATM installations. That fact speaks for itself and we are about to conduct more partnerships, focused on Radar providing, sensor providing companies and others. In the after sales, where the customer invested most of the budget already for the FSO status of its system, we keep our Service Licensing Agreements moderate and in 24/7 mode. So even after the main installation, we take in terms of your budget, reasonable care. We are about to grow further, please contact us for any requirement in ATM or Airport Ops you may have."                                                                                                                               David Vertat-Barak, Business Director                                                                                                                    

Contact us; we would be pleased to provide you a detailed product portfolio overview: obchod@cs-soft.cz.

CS SOFT - Policy

CS SOFT is a financially stable mid-size private company limited by shares with standard management and controlled employee fluctuation. In order to maintain company’s steady growth and to strengthen its position in the worldwide ATM market, the following paragraphs will serve as a brief overview of the new objectives for the near future.

Personnel, company

CS SOFT is a company that keeps its word
In terms of internal company policies, we would like to remain known as the company that complies with all the laws and regulations in all areas of our activities. In terms of employer-employee relationship, the company wants to make sure that all the employees are being treated well, with respect and as equals. Hence, we would like to continue improving the current work environment and working conditions. In CS SOFT, we enforce positive relationships and fair treatment both inside and outside. 

Work ethic, expertise

CS SOFT: flexible subject matter experts in ATC systems
To keep up with the tough competition in our area of business, we have to be more effective than our competitors. CS SOFT’s main strength is the fact that we are capable of implementing complex and customized solutions quickly while maintaining the highest quality. As for the future, we want to keep improving this capability and position ourselves in the market as qualified experts on complex ATM solutions requiring a high degree of customization.   

Quality assurance

CS SOFT guarantees safety-critical SW development and respective documentation
We certainly want to deepen the implementation of the IEEE 12207 critical software development and SAM methodology. Considering our long-lasting experience in the field, we would like to provide consulting services as well. Our goal for the future is to become a worldwide expert on safety-critical software development.

Research & development

CS SOFT is a reliable partner for research and development
Given our ambition to become one of the leaders in the ATM market, we necessarily need to invest in research and development. Therefore, in 2017 we will start developing the new system called COYOTE. This new system will give us an opportunity to become more competitive and enable us to fulfill our ambition. Last but not least, together with the ANS Czech Repubulic we will continue being an active participant in SESAR joint undertaking.   

CS SOFT – a reliable partner with the highest level of expertise, quality assurance and competitive pricing

Main areas of activities

Systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

CS SOFT designs and develops systems for area control (ACC), approach services (APP), tower services (TWR) and flight information service (FIS). Processing of the flight plans data and surveillance data is essential for keeping view of the air traffic, flight trajectory computations, evaluation of conflicting trajectories, calculations and reporting procedures for regulating operations with the coordinating partners etc.

Supporting systems for airports and ground services

CS SOFT also develops systems for data exchange among particular segments of the airport and mutual communication between the air navigation services and the airport. The data are also used by various handling companies, or for airline dispatching operations and information passenger boards.

More about us

CS SOFT is a reliable supplier of ATM systems with more than 25 years of experience. In a couple of years, CS SOFT has evolved from a small Czech-based business pioneer in ATC software into a dynamic modern company with an advanced software development methodology and project management. Our company has always strived to build a strong and stable team of highly skilled professionals and experts. Thanks to the cooperation with key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the aviation, the top Czech technical universities (The Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) we have established several research centers around the Czech Republic to help us constantly move forward. Throughout the years, we have also managed to attract a wide range of customers worldwide, the most significant of whom may be Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, Lithuanian Oro Navigacija, IAA, Slovenian Air Navigation Service and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

All CS SOFT products comply with the highest demands for functionality, safety and reliability, which are determined by legal and professional regulations. In particular ESARR 4, ESARR 6, EC No. 552/2004, EC No. 551/2004, EC No. 550/2004, EC No. 549/2004, EC No. 1033/2006, EC No. 1032 / 2006 et al. An integral part of the high quality development is strict implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and IEEE12207 in accordance with the SAM methodology (Safety Assessment Methodology) recommended by EUROCONTROL.

Company milestones


  • 2016 Cooperation with a worldwide defense contractor, one realization

  • 2015 Cooperation and successful installation at/with IAA (Israel Airport Authority)

  • 2014 RadarView installation at the Pittsburgh airport, U.S.

  • 2013 Cooperation with Systems Atlanta Inc. and the U.S. airport market entry

  • 2011 Establishment of the development center in Pardubice
  • 2010 Cooperation with two Czech technical universities (ZČU, ČVUT) within TAČR Project
  • 2010 CS SOFT receives EU subsidy for new development centers in Brno and Plzeň
  • 2009 CS SOFT transformation from Ltd. to Inc.
  • 2006 CS SOFT expansion (takeover of the company RADAS s.r.o.)
  • 1995 CS SOFT FDPS integration into Eurocat 2000 for ANS Czech Republic
  • 1992 Awarding of the CAA certificate for development and design of ATM systems
  • 1990 Development of the new FDPS
  • 1988 Establishment of CS SOFT Company; First upgrade of FDPS

Selected References

ALS System for Eilat Airport, Israel

In November 2015 CS SOFT successfully implemented ALS TWR system for Eilat Airport, IsraeI that is operated by IAA (Israel Airports Authority). Part of the delivery is contracted maintenance and thanks to system flexibility as well possibility to further enhance and customize system based on IAA future needs.

ALS System for Oro Navigacija

The module Safety Nets and new TMS diagnostics helps to achieve higher operational reliability in Vilnius ACC Contingency Centre.

Tracker and Flight Information System for Ras Al Khaimah Airport

In 2011 and 2013 we developed and installed the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) in cooperation with SkySoft and in 2008 we delivered the Tracker tool. Both products have contributed to the increased safety of air traffic control at the Ras Al Khaimah Airport in the United Arab Emirates.



issued 1.8.2011

CS SOFT is certified by Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic to design and develop Air Traffic Management Systems.

CSN EN ISO 9001:2016 (EN ISO 9001:2015)

issued 7.6.2011

CS SOFT is certified by IQNet and CQS for processes of Software administration, Development, Design and Supplies of Aeronautical Ground Facilities and ATM equipment maintenance.

Citect Silver Integrator


CS SOFT has achieved the level of Citect Silver Integrator for the year 2005.


  • Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
  • Airport Bratislava
  • Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
  • Eldis
  • ERA
  • Kato-Busch
  • KZPS (Air Navigation Services of Slovenia)
  • LPS SR (Air Navigation Services of Slovakia)
  • ORO Navigacia (Air Navigation Services of Lithuania)
  • Prague Airport
  • Ramet
  • Ras Al Khaimah Airport
  • Retia
  • SITA
  • Skyguide
  • SkySoft
  • Systems Atlanta Inc.
  • T-CZ